Contact The Jail

Caribou County Jail
475 East and South
Soda Springs, Idaho 83276
(208) 547-3094

Visitation Hours:

Sundays & Mondays - 1PM - 5PM
Wednesdays - 3PM - 5PM

The Caribou County Sheriff's Office Detention Facility is committed to providing Public Safety through the safe, humane, and secure detention of all inmates placed in our custody.  Our mission is to use the highest professional standards while maintaining the respect and dignity of those arrested by: 

  • Recruitment, development, maintenance and retention ofprofessionally trained detention staff.
  • An institutional environment which meets or exceeds allrequirements for inmate supervision, housing, medical care, food serviceclassification and programs.
  • An organization which reacts promptly, professionally andcourteously when dealing with the changing needs of the public.
We will be responsible for our conduct.  We are committed to protect the rights of all persons equally.  We recognize the trust placed in us by the public and we accept the responsibility.