Geographic Information System / Addressing Department 

A geographic information system (GIS) uses computers and software to leverage the fundamental principle of geography—that location is important in people’s lives. GIS, along with Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) helps Emergency Services and Law Enforcement locate the incident and ensure the quickest response by the needed agencies.  GIS supplies capabilities that support all facets of the increasingly diverse law enforcement mission. These capabilities assist the operational needs for the Dispatch Center, Search and Rescue, EMS, Fire, Sex Offender Registry, Disaster Planning, Phase II Wireless E911, Law Enforcement, and Tactical Planning.

In today’s world of fiscal uncertainty and ever-increasing budget constraints, law enforcement agencies are forced to find ways to meet the increased service demands while decreasing cost and liabilities. While doing this, local agencies are also required to meet the mandates passed down from legislation and accommodate the requirements put in place as technology and equipment changes. 

This Department also assists in building and maintaining information used by the County Clerk’s Office, County Road and Bridge, Building Department, County Planning and Zoning, School Districts, Community Groups, and Disaster Planning Teams.