Help Us Stop Vehicle Thefts

There aren’t many more sickening feelings than finding an empty space where your car is supposed to be.  Caribou County is not immune to these types of thefts.

Cars often represent a huge investment on the part of their owners and are essential to everyday life, that is why vehicle thefts can be devastating to an owner.

The simple habit of locking the car and taking the keys with you will significantly reduce the likelihood of having a car stolen.  

One statistic cites that more than fifty percent of stolen cars were left unlocked and with the keys inside. Another statistic suggests that a vehicle is stolen every 4.8 seconds in the United States.  Often people leave their keys in the center counsel in hopes of thwarting a thief, but most thief know about this tactic.

Vehicle theft presents problems beyond the loss of a ride. Stolen cars could be used by criminals to commit violent crimes. Glove compartments often include plenty of personal information that could be used to steal the owner’s identity. If there’s a remote garage door opener, that makes the owner’s house an easy target, too.

Here are some tips to help you keep your vehicle where it belongs:

1- Take the key, even if you’re leaving for a minute or two.

2- Lock your car.

3- If possible, park in a well-lit area that’s in plain view.

4- Don’t assume your car is too old to steal; thieves want vehicle parts and valuable items, too.

5- Do not leave your car unlocked, running and unattended. It only takes seconds to steal a vehicle.

6- Don’t leave valuables in your car. That includes cellphones, mail, garage door openers, wallets and computers. They attract thieves and open the door to other crimes.

7- Report suspicious activity to the Sheriff’s Office as soon as you observe it. The longer you wait the farther away a suspect can get.

Together We Can Make A Difference