February 2014 

Roadkill & Wildlife Salvage Reminder

In 2012, over 5,000 roadkill were reported in Idaho. For context, that is nearly three times the deer harvest in Unit 39. Idaho Fish and Game hopes that by monitoring highway mortality they can better understand and engineer roadways to avoid collisions.

What is wildlife salvage?

The wildlife collision salvage rule went into effect in Spring 2012. The rule allows for the legal salvage of some game animals killed by auto collisions

How do I salvage roadkill?
  • Before you claim any roadkill salvage, consider the safety of yourself and fellow travelers. Always abide by traffic and safety laws.
  • Did you find or accidentally strike and kill an animal legal for salvage? Pick it up.
  • You have 24 hours to notify Fish and Game, and 72 hours to obtain a salvage permit.
  • You may self-report online or phone the Idaho Fish & Game offices to report.
    If calling after hours it's important to leave your full name, phone number, address and location of the salvage so a permit may be mailed. If self-reporting a printable permit will be generated.
  • Salvage permits are free.
  • Persons salvaging and consuming this meat do so at their own risk.

What may I salvage?
Individuals may recover and keep wildlife species classified as upland birds, upland game animals, big game, furbearers, and predators that may be lawfully hunted or trapped that have been killed by accidental vehicle-collisions. Unprotected non-game wildlife are also legal for salvage. However, protected non-game wildlife, Threatened or Endangered species, migratory birds (which are federally protected), and other wildlife species not lawfully hunted or trapped may NOT be recovered, possessed, or salvaged.

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Can I sell it?You may purchase or sell wildlife parts, except the edible flesh, of wildlife species classified as big game, upland game, upland game birds, furbearers, or rattlesnakes that may be lawfully hunted or trapped that have been killed by accidental vehicle-collisions. Bighorn sheep cannot be purchased, bartered, or sold.

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Other Salvage Options

The Caribou County Sheriff's Office has a list that you can add your name to if you would like to be notified and given the chance to salvage an animal that was hit in the county.  Call the Sheriff's Office dispatch at 547-2563 to add your name to this list, please note that you may receive a call anytime during the day or night to retrieve a salvageable animal. 

Boat Idaho Boating Safety Course

This is a very beneficial course for novice and beginner boaters to learn new skills and Information or just a refresher.

This one day FREE boating safety class is recognized by The U.S. Coast Guard and selectively by other States.
Completion of the course may qualify you for a discount on boat insurance. (Contact your insurance agent for applicable discounts)

Subjects covered are:
Know your boat, before you get under way
Operating your boat
Boating Emergencies
Enjoying water sports with your boat
This course is sponsored by Idaho Department Parks 
and Recreation and Caribou County Sheriff’s Office
Saturday, March 15th, 2014 - 09:00am

 Caribou County Fire Station Training Room
655 E 2nd S, Soda Springs, ID 83276
For any questions on the course contact the 
Caribou County Sheriff’s Office Marine Patrol at